The coffee table - that central piece in any living room that beckons for attention. It's not just a surface for resting that morning cup of tea or coffee; it's a canvas for your personality. Jason Granziera, our in-house stylist, believes in a blend of simplicity and functionality to transform this everyday item into a statement piece. Here's how to do it with stylish flair and a dash of practicality.

1. Embrace Simplicity

Remember, less is more. A cluttered coffee table can feel chaotic, but a well-styled one brings harmony and calm to your space. Think of it as a minimalist's playground, where every piece you choose serves a purpose and adds a touch of beauty.  Keep your coffee table's surroundings uncluttered to let it's finely crafted natural beauty and sturdiness take centre stage.

Image above: Featuring Aurora Coffee Table (left), Galaxy Round Coffee Table (Right)

2. The Foolproof Trio

Imagine a vase of fresh, fragrant flowers or lush green foliage as your centrepiece. It's a living, breathing addition that brings a snippet of nature indoors. Next, a book or two that reflect your interests – these aren't just decorative; they're conversation starters.  Lastly, a bowl or plate, not just for your keys but perhaps to cradle a cluster of sumptuous fruit or a collection of interesting pebbles you've gathered on walks. 

And remember to play with texture. You can mix and match different textures to add depth. A smooth, shiny bowl against the rough edge of a hardback book or the soft petals of flowers next to the crisp lines of a modern vase. It's these subtle contrasts that make your coffee table an inviting centrepiece.

We love the Bronte Round Coffee Table, with its solid American Oak frame and marble coffee tabletop.

Image above: Featuring the  Bronte Coffee Table & the Paloma Bowl from The Oddative

3. Unstructured vs Formal

Here's where you let your inner stylist shine. Do you lean towards an unstructured approach, with books casually placed and flowers loosely arranged? Or do you prefer a more formal look, with neatly stacked books and a sculptural vase that screams modern art? Both have their charm and reflect a different facet of your personality. 

One thing to consider is symmetry. Symmetry soothes, while asymmetry can intrigue. Again, align your items with geometric precision if you're going for a more structured look. But if you're feeling adventurous, why not have a play? Place your vase off-centre, and let your books sprawl at an angle – create a setup that's uniquely yours.

The Graze Mushroom Low Coffee Table is a delightful round coffee table for those who adore versatility. Available in rich oak or deep black coffee table, its solid American Oak timber promises longevity and an embrace of warmth and welcoming vibes. Whether standing alone with confident simplicity or paired in a nested arrangement, the Graze brings functional finesse to any living space.

Image above: Featuring the  Graze Low Coffee Table (left) & Graze High Coffee Table (right)

4. Rotate and Refresh

Don't let your coffee table become a time capsule. Swap out books, frequently change your vase's contents, and try different bowls or containers. This keeps your space fresh and reflects your daily life's changing rhythms.

5. Lighting Matters

Consider how light plays on your coffee table. The soft glow of a nearby lamp can make glassware sparkle and shadows dance across surfaces, creating an ever-changing display throughout the day. This is where the Aurora Glass Coffee Table becomes more than a piece of furniture but a spectacle of light and texture. Crafted from solid Acacia hardwood, assembled with a craftsman's care, and crowned with a tempered glass tabletop, it captures and reflects light, adding a dynamic layer to the ambience of your room.

Image above: Featuring the  Aurora Coffee Table

6. And Most Importantly, Don't Forget Functionality

Your coffee table is part of your living space. It needs to be practical, allowing room for that impromptu cup of coffee or space for guests to set down their glasses. Functionality should never be sacrificed for style. We love The Montana Round Coffee Table's solid, recycled Elm timber frame, which already carries a rustic charm and robust presence.

Styling your coffee table is a delicate play between beauty and function. With Jason's tips, you're not just decorating a piece of furniture; you're creating a focal point that reflects your style, tells your story, and makes your space truly feel like home. So go on, give your coffee table the love it deserves.

Image above: Featuring the Montana Coffee Table (100cm & 60cm)

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