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Cosy and inviting, the 2-seat sofa is ideal for small spaces or extra seating in the living room.

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Find stylish, affordable sofas online
At Lounge Lovers, our furniture is created to fit with either the general look and feel, or make a statement and become the centrepiece in your room. Our 2 seater sofas are inspired from the latest trends, made from the best fabrics, look great and last a lifetime. Want to pair your new sofas? Browse our armchair range today.

Quality and designer 2 seat sofas
Our 2 seat sofas are extremely well-made and will stand the test of time, whilst also offering the essence of modern luxury for years to come.

Purchase your dream 2 seat sofa online or in store today
Discover our full range of 2 seat sofas online. Sofas are dispatched within 1-2 working days in the Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane metro areas. Alternatively, visit our Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane based showrooms for a more personal experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a sofa and a lounge?

While the words sofa and lounge are used interchangeably in Australia, these days there is not considered to be a difference between the two. There is, however, a distinct difference in the origin of both words. The word ‘sofa’ comes from the Arabic word ‘suffah’ which refers to a bench of stone or wood, typically referring to furniture you sit on rather than lie down on. Modern sofas typically come in 2 seat, 3 seat and 4 seat sizes. In contrast, modern-day lounges take their name from the French phrase, “chaise longue” meaning “long chair” and can be used for sitting and also for lying down thanks to its longer length.

What material is best for a sofa?

The best material for a sofa is one that is durable, comfortable and also suits your aesthetic and lifestyle. Common materials used for the upholstery of fabric sofas include natural fibres like Cotton, Linen, and Leather, as well as synthetic fibres and blends like Velvet, Polyester, Acrylic, and Nylon. When considering the materials for your sofa, take into account the daily wear and tear, the likelihood of accidental spills, and how much maintenance is required to help you make the best choice for your living space.
There is a wide range of shapes when it comes to the humble sofa, however, the most common shapes for modern homes are sectional or modular sofas, L-shaped or chaise, standard sofas, armchairs, ottomans, loveseats, and futons. Within each of these shapes, there are more variations and styles often identified by the design of the arm or the back of the sofa.
A chaise takes its name from the French phrase, “chaise longue” meaning “long chair” and can be used for sitting, lying down and stretching out your legs thanks to its length. A modern day chaise is often incorporated into modular or sectional sofas, with the chaise element typically being positioned either on the left or right. A chaise can be used as a sofa and a daybed, making it a versatile aspect of any lounge suite.
Nowadays, sofas come in a wide variety of colours and quality upholstered fabric so it can be difficult to decide what colour sofa you should buy. One of the most important things to consider is the style of your living space and what colour sofa would best suit your interior aesthetics. Once you have a sense of the colour sofa that best suits your space, consider the type of use your sofa is going to see during its lifetime – whether it will be used a lot or a little, whether you have young kids or pets and might experience accidental spills and stains. Thinking about these practical elements can help you decide what type of materials to consider alongside the choice of colour. If in doubt, visit one of our showrooms to see the colours of each sofa in person or visit our Inspiration page.
When it comes to finding the right size sofa it comes down to how much space you have to play with and what kind of use your sofa will see. Your sofa should fit comfortably into your living space and have enough space for sitting on comfortably depending on the number of people it seats. Before purchasing, it's wise to measure your space and hop onto the Lounge Lovers website to compare it with the dimensions of the sofas you're interested in to ensure a good match. The best sofa for what you need will be a perfect fit for your space and a perfect fit for you, whether that's a 2 seat sofa, 3 seat sofa, 4 seat sofa, armchair, corner or chaise sofa.

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