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    Our Linden Leather Sofa - the Perfect Choice for Brittany Hockley

    When selecting the perfect sofa for your home, the process can be super overwhelming with countless options to consider. So, when Brittany Hockley set out to find the ultimate lounge, she took her time to find her unicorn.

    "I was looking for a very big leather lounge that would comfortably fit multiple people and one I could easily clean because my dog Delilah loves to be up there with me".

    And excitingly, our Linden Leather Corner Sofa emerged as the perfect answer to Brittany's needs.

    Here's the rundown on why our Linden Leather Corner Sofa checks off everything on Brittany's list – and probably yours, too.

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    Interior trends Home styling tips Design inspiration
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    Compact Space, Big Style – Our Top Tips for Living Large in a Small Space

    Living compactly shouldn't mean you have to compromise on style or comfort – it's all about making clever choices and multitasking your furnishings. Especially for those of us who love the buzz of city life but must navigate the snug realities of urban living spaces. So, let's explore clever ways to make the most of your valuable space with some smart tips to enhance every square metre.

    1. Dining Area

    First to the heart of the home – the dining area. Here, a small extendable table is key. It's there for your early morning coffee and expands graciously to accommodate friends for a weekend brunch. And chairs? Opt for slim, stackable ones – they can be there when you need them, and quietly tucked away when you don't. Something like the June dining chair is perfect as a slim option, or the

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    Caring for your Timber Furniture

    A little TLC goes a long way with timber furniture. And here at Lounge Lovers we absolutely love timber furniture – think sturdy dining tables, snug coffee tables, and welcoming chairs – they play a vital role in our daily lives, weaving themselves into our everyday experiences and making life just that little bit extra special. And whether it's the natural grain of solid timber or the sleek sheen of veneer, each perfect piece requires a little extra TLC to keep it thriving for years and years.

    So, to keep your timber pieces in tip-top shape, like our Ollie TV unit in Solid Oak Timber, we suggest a simple yet effective care routine. Regular dust-offs with a soft, dry cloth are a must. Followed by a loving wipe with a damp cloth and finishing with a gentle buff. Tackle deeper cleans with a mild soapy solution, apply gently, and carefully dry it off without leaving a t

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    Styling a Coffee Table: The Jason Granziera Way

    The coffee table - that central piece in any living room that beckons for attention. It's not just a surface for resting that morning cup of tea or coffee; it's a canvas for your personality. Jason Granziera, our in-house stylist, believes in a blend of simplicity and functionality to transform this everyday item into a statement piece. Here's how to do it with stylish flair and a dash of practicality.

    1. Embrace Simplicity

    Remember, less is more. A cluttered coffee table can feel chaotic, but a well-styled one brings harmony and calm to your space. Think of it as a minimalist's playground, where every piece you choose serves a purpose and adds a touch of beauty.  Keep your coffee table's surroundings uncluttered to let it's finely crafted natural beauty and sturdiness take centre stage.

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    Styling the Perfect Sideboard

    The sideboard is more than just a storage space; it's a space where you can be creative and showcase your style. And it involves more than just arranging a few objects. Whether preparing for a special event or just looking to enhance your everyday space, mastering this skill will ensure your sideboard or buffet isn't just a piece of furniture but a central, elegant focal point of your home that radiates your style and personality. These tips and insights will help you make your sideboard a true standout.

    1. The Foundations

    First things first, you need to consider the character

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    Deck the Halls with Christmas Delights: A Festive Guide to Impressing Your Guests

    'Tis the season to swing open your doors, welcoming friends and family for a festive feast to remember. Hosting at Christmas? Think twinkling fairy lights and the merry clink of glasses, all set against the backdrop of a beautifully crafted table that becomes the heart of your home. Christmas, the most magical time of the year, is upon us. And what better way to celebrate than by playing the perfect host? Let's unwrap some fun tips and tricks to leave your guests brimming with holiday cheer.

    Whipping Up a Christmas Cocktail

    Let's kick things off with a zing! Create a Christmas cocktail that's a hit with everyone. We love simplicity - a refreshing sparkling soda decorated with cherries, citruses, or deliciously ripe strawberries. Or, for something a bit extra - tuck berries or cherries into an ice tray, let them chill into frosty jewels, and pop them into your champagne. Top it off with a rosemary sprig for that extra

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    Silly Season Safeguards – Get your Furniture Ready for the Festivities

    The twinkling lights and festive jingles are upon us, which can only mean one thing –the silly season is knocking at our doors. And our furniture endures a lot during the festive season – from the constant bustle of extra guests lounging on sofas to the inevitable spills and the general hubbub of holiday celebrations. It's a time when our beloved pieces surrender some of their pristine charm in the spirit of joy and togetherness. But with a touch of preparation and a dash of clever protection, we can safeguard our furniture to shine as brightly as a North Star. So, in the spirit of readying our homes for our family and friends, let's ensure our beloved furniture can survive the festivities.

    Safeguard your Furniture

    First up on the list is safeguarding your furniture. The festive season should be fun, not stressing ove

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    How To Pick the Perfect Bar Stool

    Welcome to the vibrant world of bar stools – far more than just a place to sit; they're a bold style statement, a pillar of functionality, and the subtle stars of any social kitchen space. Choosing the right bar stool can transform your kitchen from simply functional to fashionably fabulous. And with a few smart tips up your sleeve, you'll be sitting pretty in no time. Let's dive into the art of selecting the perfect bar stool for your space.

    1. Measure Twice, Choose Once

    Before y

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