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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between an accent chair and an armchair?

Armchairs and accent chairs are terms that can sometimes be used interchangeably but there is a difference between the two. Armchairs are typically upholstered with the same fabric as seen on our sofa ranges and are designed to match a sofa collection. Where an accent chair is designed to be a statement piece and usually features contrasting colours and materials that allow you to express more character and personality in your living arrangements.

How do you pick chairs for the living room?

Selecting chairs for the living room is about finding the style, size and material that complements your interior aesthetic as well as one that makes sense practically in terms of size and shape. Consider the function of the chair and the form that you’d like, whether that’s a loveseat, bench, bar stool, ottoman, accent or traditional armchair. If in doubt, visit one of our showrooms and have a chat with our friendly team.
Traditionally dining room chairs came in uniform matching sets, though the chairs at the heads of the table might have differed slightly in their design to ensure they stood out. These days, whether dining chairs are a matching set is entirely up to your sense of style and aesthetic. At Lounge Lovers, you can buy chairs individually so you can decide whether you want a matching set or something more eclectic to complement your dining arrangement.
Often matching armchair and sofa options are available within a collection's design. To match an armchair and a sofa when they aren’t both in the same collection, look for elements that thread the two pieces together. This could be the colour or tone, fabric or leather upholstery, the shapes or the type of wood. You might want to choose two entirely different options if that’s what works with your sense of style. If in doubt, visit one of our showrooms and have a chat with our friendly team.
When it comes to dining chairs, there are a few popular materials that you’ll see pop up time and again. From traditional wood finishes with leather seats to fabrics like velvet, vinyl and cotton blends, dining chair materials are often popular when they are durable, sustainable and easy to maintain. Plastic is also another easy to maintain and durable material that is popular for dining chairs, particularly for households with young children and pets.
Ottomans are versatile pieces to have in any room in any home. From a footstool or chaise extension, to a coffee table or an extra seat, ottomans meet a range of needs in a tidy package. Some even provide additional storage space. Choosing the right ottoman for your home is all about finding the right height, size and material to complement your existing living arrangement.

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