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Frequently asked questions

How do I clean outdoor furniture?

To clean outdoor furniture, look for the care instructions on the furniture and be sure to wipe surfaces down regularly and spot clean spills and stains quickly. The Guardsman Outdoor Wood Protector Spray [link to product] is a great all rounder to protect your wooden outdoor furniture. The rest of the Guardsman range focuses on different materials from leather to stone to ensure your outdoor furniture is easy to clean and maintain.

How do I waterproof outdoor wooden furniture?

Well-made outdoor wooden furniture like those across the Lounge Lovers range will come pre-treated to ensure that it’s ready for outdoor weather. If you’ve had your outdoor wooden furniture for a while and want to keep it protected, you can use products like Guardsman Outdoor Wood Protector Spray [link to product]. To keep your outdoor furniture looking its best, always follow the care and storage instructions on the label.
To decorate an outdoor patio, consider your sense of style and the level of outdoor exposure of your patio. An easy way to create a cosy outdoor patio atmosphere is to add stylish outdoor chairs, outdoor sofas and lounges, and outdoor tables for entertaining. Warm the space up with accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and outdoor lighting. Remember to choose decor that is weather-resistant, easy to maintain and matches your personal style.
You sure can – but never the other way around. Outdoor furniture like outdoor chairs, outdoor tables and outdoor sofas and lounges can translate beautifully to indoor spaces when styled well. It’s not recommended to use indoor furniture outdoors, however, due to environmental exposure that can damage indoor furniture which hasn’t been treated to resist the elements.

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