A little TLC goes a long way with timber furniture. And here at Lounge Lovers we absolutely love timber furniture – think sturdy dining tables, snug coffee tables, and welcoming chairs – they play a vital role in our daily lives, weaving themselves into our everyday experiences and making life just that little bit extra special. And whether it's the natural grain of solid timber or the sleek sheen of veneer, each perfect piece requires a little extra TLC to keep it thriving for years and years.

So, to keep your timber pieces in tip-top shape, like our Ollie TV unit in Solid Oak Timber, we suggest a simple yet effective care routine. Regular dust-offs with a soft, dry cloth are a must. Followed by a loving wipe with a damp cloth and finishing with a gentle buff. Tackle deeper cleans with a mild soapy solution, apply gently, and carefully dry it off without leaving a trace of moisture.

Extra TLC for your Veneer Timber Furniture

Veneer timber pieces bring the same warmth and style but require a softer touch and more love. To care for them, grab a soft cloth, keep it dry for a dust-off, or slightly moisten it with a gentle soap and water mix for a deeper clean, ensuring you dry it off afterwards. Avoid polishes, oil-based or wax cleaners and use only those specifically formulated for veneer. Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain, following the natural patterns for a seamless clean.

Our Otis extension table is one of our unique Veneer timber pieces. In addition to a regular clean, it’s a good idea to use heat-resistant mats and coasters to protect this piece from life's little scrapes.

Caring for your Timber Dining Chairs

When it comes to timber dining chairs, like our Ark dining chairs crafted from painted solid ash, a spot of extra attention can make all the difference. Over time, these chairs may show signs of wear as they settle into their role in your daily routines. Keep a touch-up marker on hand, like our Guardsman Wood Repair Sticks, to address any chips or scratches. A gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth is generally all you need, followed by a loving pat with a dry towel.

Safeguard Your Timber with Style

Protecting your timber pieces is crucial. Placemats and coasters are your timber's best friends, safeguarding their surface from the steamy bottom of a pot or the condensation on a cold glass.

Coasters, placemats, and even desk mats add a functional and stylish layer to your timber's charm. Mix and match these protectors to enhance your decor and keep your timber in top condition. You can read our blog here about hot to style the perfect dining table.

And don't forget about the sun. It can age your furniture prematurely, fading its colour and vibrancy. It's best to position your pieces thoughtfully, keep something like our Manhattan Extension Dining Table, from UK designer Alex Moran, away from direct sunlight, or dress your windows with curtains that filter the light to cast a gentle glow instead of a harsh spotlight.

Our Manhattan Extension Dining Table, from UK designer Alex Moran, blends elegance with versatility in durable poplar wood, adding a dash of character to your dining space.

The Guardsman Promise

To complement your care routine, explore our Timber Guardsman range. Whether it's the sleek lines of the Hendrix Sideboard or the rustic charm of your outdoor setting, this range is designed to enhance and protect your timber furniture, ensuring each piece retains its natural beauty.

With these TLC tips, your timber furniture will do more than endure—it will flourish, playing its part in your home's ongoing story.