Welcome to the vibrant world of bar stools – far more than just a place to sit; they're a bold style statement, a pillar of functionality, and the subtle stars of any social kitchen space. Choosing the right bar stool can transform your kitchen from simply functional to fashionably fabulous. And with a few smart tips up your sleeve, you'll be sitting pretty in no time. Let's dive into the art of selecting the perfect bar stool for your space.

1. Measure Twice, Choose Once

Before you even start browsing, grab your trusty tape measure. Knowing the height of your benchtop is crucial. You'll want about 25-30 cm between the stool seat and the bench's underside for comfortable seating. Standard bar stool heights range from 65cm to 75cm, but the height of your counter is the king.

A helpful suggestion is: For a benchtop or bar around 1.1m in height, opt for a bar stool that stands at 75cm. Conversely, if your benchtop or bar measures about 90cm, then a 65cm tall bar stool would be suitable. Getting these measurements right is the key to a perfect fit.

We love the Mila Bar Stool; its 65cm height is ideal for 90cm high kitchen islands and breakfast bars, and its low-profile, polypropylene seat is engineered for comfort and style.

2. Spacing is Crucial

Imagine a bustling kitchen party – you want your guests to mingle without a game of elbow dodgeball. A good rule of thumb is to leave 15- 20cm between each stool for a comfortable experience. It's important to keep in mind that the length of your bench top dictates the arrangement of your stools, so make sure you're familiar with its dimensions before you start shopping.

The Cuba Bar Stool is timeless in design. It features solid teak wood and woven leather straps, adding an organic touch to your space.

3. Material Matters

Your bar stool is more than just a seat; it's an opportunity to express your style. Coordinate its material with your benchtop for a harmonious and elegant aesthetic. Whether it's the rustic charm of timber, the relaxed elegance of marble, or the sleekness of polished concrete, choose a stool that complements or contrasts your benchtop beautifully.

Elegantly upholstered and wing-back design of Helena Bar Stool pairs exquisitely with timber benchtops, offering both comfort and style. And perfect for polished concrete, the Avalon's solid Elm frame and handwoven Rattan seat bring texture and character to dining arrangements.

For the ultimate luxury the solid oak of the Saddle Bar Stool (header image) is carved to perfection for the ultimate comfort. You can see the details here.

4. Comfort is Key

Think about the features that matter most to you. Do you need a backrest for leisurely brunches, or is a sleek backless design more your style? Is a footrest a must-have for those long catchups?  And let's not forget about maintenance – easy-to-clean materials can be a lifesaver in a bustling kitchen.

The Ark Stool ticks all our boxes, coming in versatile Oak, White, and Black hues. This bar stool with a back, reimagines the iconic Wishbone dining chair, drawing on its Scandinavian mid-century roots. It features clean lines, graceful curves, and a distinctive handwoven papercord seat, making the Ark a chic complement to contemporary interiors.

5. Harmonise and Echo Your Kitchen's Accents

Your bar stool is an extension of your kitchen's personality – it’s an extension of you. So why not match its material or colour with another feature in your kitchen? Coordinate with the sleek lines or shade of a pendant light, the texture of your tiling, or even the finish of your tapware. It's all about creating a cohesive look that whispers effortless style.

The Taylor Bar Stool is the perfect black bar stool and budget-friendly option with its industrial look, sturdy construction, and moulded seat for modern interiors. Choosing the right bar stool is a blend of function and personal flair. It's about finding that sweet spot where practicality meets personal style. So take your time, consider these tips, and remember – your perfect bar stool is out there, waiting to complete your kitchen.

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