Sofa bed

Like Christmas, Easter is one of those times of year when the whole family gets together to eat, drink, and gift mountains of chocolate. With the holiday just around the corner, now’s the time to ensure your home is primed for hosting your nearest and dearest.

From getting the fancy silverware out to clearing up the clutter, there’s plenty to do when you’re welcoming guests…but arguably the most important is to ensure they have a comfortable place to snooze after the festivities are over. If you’ve been using the same bed in the guest room for as long as you can remember, it might be time to make the switch — and this year, you can’t look past the humble sofa bed.

Sofa beds are quickly becoming a staple in our homes thanks to their versatility and compact size. Gone are the days of uncomfortable springs and lumpy mattresses — today’s sofa beds are insanely comfortable, utterly stylish, and affordable to boot.

So how do you find the right sofa bed for your home? Here are 5 tips on how to choose the right sofa bed (and 5 sofa beds we’re loving right now!).

5 tips on choosing the right sofa bed for your home

1. Work out what size you need

Sofa beds now come in a range of sizes, from an armchair for petite floor plans all the way up to a sprawling 3-seater that converts into a king-size bed. If you regularly host friends and family, consider the configuration of your sofa bed and how it matches your guests: for example, your friends would probably be comfortable sharing a queen-sized bed, whereas a family might need a more spacious option.

Don’t forget that you can mix and match as well! Having a 2-seater sofa bed and a single sofa bed will give you more options for hosting guests all year round.

Divine Divano: The Divano Sofa Bed takes versatility to a whole new level. With five configurations available, this sofa bed switches seamlessly from a 2-seat sofa to a king bed, twin singles, two swivel chairs or two recliners.

2. The mattress matters

Just like when shopping for a regular bed, you should take care to ensure that the mattress on your sofa bed provides guests with a sound night’s sleep. There are plenty of options available right now, from supportive memory foam mattresses to firmer high-density foam mattresses. If in doubt, head to a showroom to test out a sofa bed in Sydney or sofa bed in Melbourne.

A cove of comfort: “The Cove Sofa Bed is such a wonderful addition to our home. It’s perfect for any last minute guests, super quick and easy to set up and pack away and the mattress is lovely and comfortable. And let’s not forget that it’s packaged up into a beautifully stylish sofa that no one would guess is a sofa bed!“ - @dotandpop

3. Consider extra storage options

Need even more versatility from your sofa bed? Look for one with additional storage components to store any linens, pillows, or cushions. Not only will these sofa beds provide you with a place to perch and a spot to snooze — they’ll also help keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Miami magic: The Miami 3-seat sofa bed features easy-to-use mechanisms with a generous queen-sized bed and an additional storage component for knick-knacks. Best of all, its height makes it perfect for everyone, from little ones to adults.

4. Recline in comfort

Sofa beds are designed to be sofas and beds, but did you know some are a triple threat of sofa, bed and recliner? If you’re a family that loves to lounge, you’ll get even more use from these sofa beds: think movie nights, lazy afternoons, or even a seat for the kids to play games on the big screen.

Keep your guests Happy: "The Happy Sofa Bed by Lounge Lovers looks beautiful and is so easy to set up. We also get compliments from our guests when they are staying over." - @albert.s

5. The mechanism matters as much as the bed

If you’ve ever owned a sofa bed, you’ll know that some can be much more challenging to set up than others.

When you’re hosting guests, the last thing you want to do is for everyone to fumble around for hours with the folding mechanism — not to mention, this leaves your sofa at a greater risk of breaking. Be sure to test the process of opening up the sofa in a showroom or read reviews, and don’t forget to double check for a warranty as well.

Fabulous Felix: "The Felix Sofa bed was so easy to set up and incredibly comfortable. It’s the perfect bed for us if we have visitors staying over or if we wanted somewhere cosy to lay and watch movies together. It’s so modern and luxurious folded up and then “POP” it turns into such an amazing fold out sofa bed. The best of both worlds!!!! We’re obsessed.”  @timandrodd

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