The sideboard is more than just a storage space; it's a space where you can be creative and showcase your style. And it involves more than just arranging a few objects. Whether preparing for a special event or just looking to enhance your everyday space, mastering this skill will ensure your sideboard or buffet isn't just a piece of furniture but a central, elegant focal point of your home that radiates your style and personality. These tips and insights will help you make your sideboard a true standout.

1. The Foundations

First things first, you need to consider the character of your sideboard. Is it a sleek, modern buffet? A charming vintage piece or an iconic sideboard like our luxurious Raja Sideboard? A contemporary sideboard begs for clean lines and minimalistic accessories, while a vintage piece loves a bit of nostalgic flair. Let this guide your styling.

Image above: Featuring the Raja Sideboard

2. The Rule of Three

Remember the rule of three: things look better in odd numbers. Start by selecting a few key pieces. Think of a striking vase, intriguing books, or an elegant lamp. The rule of three helps create visual interest and keeps the eye moving.

Image above: Featuring the Hendrix Sidebaord in natural

3. Play with Heights

Variety is the spice of life and one of the secrets to a fabulous sideboard.  Mix items of various heights to create a visual landscape. Mix tall items like lamps or tall vases with shorter, chunkier pieces. We love the Azure's rattan finish, which inspires a breezy, light-filled aesthetic and pairs well with soft-hued ceramics and transparent glass, creating a light, earthy palette. Add small botanical prints or a refined sculpture to introduce an element of elegant complexity.

Image above: Featuring the Azure sideboard

4. Get Creative with Texture and Colour

Mix textures up. A woven basket, a metallic figurine, or a plush green plant can add depth and interest. Colour-wise, stick to a cohesive palette that complements your room. Alternatively, if your space is neutral and you feel a little cheeky, a pop of colour can be a delightful surprise.
We love the Kingston's robust industrial charm. Cover it with a sequence of naturally shaped and coloured vases or a striking piece of nature. Alternatively, choose bold colours to offset the raw oak.

Image above: Featuring the Kingston Sideboard

5. Keep It Functional

Let's remember a sideboard is not just for show. It's a practical piece. Leave some space for the day-to-day items like keys or mail. A stylish tray can keep these bits and bobs in check.

6. Add Your Personality

Here's where you inject a bit of yourself into the mix. Choose items that speak to you – a quirky sculpture, a framed photograph, or a cherished keepsake. These personal touches are the whispers of your story, making your space uniquely yours. We love the handwoven intricacies of the Jensen sideboard, which calls for a laid- back, eclectic style. Combine natural textures with sleek modern pieces such as a piece of art and a stacked cork lamp.

Image above: Featuring the Jensen Sideboard

7. Change It Up

Remember, a sideboard is an ever-evolving piece, so don't be afraid to mix it up.  A way to approach your sideboard is to dress it like you would for the seasons. For a spring refresh, introduce fresh flowers, and for Autumn, think warm, earthy tones and natural elements like a dish of dried leaves or the rich glow of amber glassware for a cosy autumn ambience.

We love Catalina's herringbone pattern, which offers a dynamic space for seasonal transformations.

Image above: Featuring the Catalina Sidebaord

8. Lighting: The Final Touch

Lighting is like the cherry on top. A lamp with a warm glow or some candles can set the mood and highlight your sideboard setup. With its delightful natural grain, Ollie's sideboard calls for classy decor. Place a streamlined modern lamp at one end for a harmonious balance with a statement vase and natural spring infusing a dash of simple luxury at the other end. Alternatively a selection of small monochrome photographs can give a personal yet refined touch.

Image above: Featuring the 4 door Ollie Sideboard

As you can see, styling a sideboard is more than just arranging items; it's about creating a story, a vibe, and a snapshot of who you are. So let your creativity flow, and watch your sideboard become more than just furniture – watch it become a piece of you.

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