As night falls, your bedside or side table stand-in awaits silently. It's there, ready to support you as you shift from the day's activities to your night-time routine, holding all you need to unwind for the night ahead. It's a time for quiet reflection, a cosy read, or a moment to pause. Jason Granziera, our in-house stylist, knows these moments are precious. And he brings you his top five styling secrets to transform your bedside space into a sanctuary of calm, comfort, and effortless style.

1. Symmetry is Overrated

Who says both sides of the bed need to mirror each other? Flaunt your creative flair with an asymmetrical arrangement. A reading lamp on one side to illuminate the pages of your latest read and a vase with leafy greens on the other can bring a balanced yet varied look.

We love the Azure Bedside Table, with its durable mango wood construction and chic rattan finish. It’s complete with stunning arch detailing and ample internal shelving.

2. Setting the Mood with the Right Lighting

Lighting isn't just practical; it's personal. A well-placed lamp or a pair of stunning wall lights 1-meter above your bedside brings a gentle warm glow, setting the scene for relaxation and a restful environment.

3. Your Favourite Books

There's nothing quite like a stack of books to add some character. And your favourite books do more than entertain; they add height, interest, and a splash of personality, telling a story about your interests and passions.

If you're not much of a bedtime reader, let our handcrafted Mother of Pearl Portia Bedside Table bring character to your space. This stunning piece pairs the tranquillity of inlaid floral details with practical storage graced by crystal handles.

4. Finding a Balance

Balance out taller items like lamps or vases with smaller treasures. A scented candle or a small dish can provide a home for your jewellery, combining function with a personal touch.

If you prefer to keep your bedside table compact and tidy, we love the warmth of Erikson's European oak timber and solid oak legs. This statement piece features a single drawer to neatly tuck away clutter.

5. Protect your Timber

For timber bedside tables, like our sturdy Manhattan Bedside Table, coasters are a must – a small detail that protects the wood surface from drink spills as you hydrate during the night or even a sneaky nightcap. They guard against rings and stains so that the beauty of the wood can shine through without the wear and tear of daily life.

We just love the Manhattan Bedside Table. It boasts a sleek poplar frame, black finish, soft velvet drawers, and elegant gold accents.

So, when styling your bedside table, you're not simply arranging items on furniture. You're creating an environment that welcomes you into the night and bids you a peaceful journey into sleep. Whether it's a traditional bedside table or a side table stand-in, make it a space that feels like your own, a snug nook that's the last comforting sight before your eyes close on the day.

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