As the cooler months approach and the light takes on a softer hue, it's the ideal time to infuse warmth into our homes. The TV unit is often overlooked but is actually a central piece of any living room. It's not just a functional item for your electronics; it's also a platform for your personality. So, we asked our in-house stylist, Jason, to share his top tips for transforming your TV unit from a simple stand to an eye-catching feature of your home.

Positioning is key

Choosing where to place your TV unit can have a dramatic impact on the room. Setting it beneath a wall-hung TV turns it into a functional decor piece, giving you a blank canvas to embellish. Alternatively, positioned under a window, it becomes part of the natural landscape of your space, allowing daylight to cast shadows and highlights across its surface.

When nestled under a window, our Otis TV Unit is a stunning statement piece. It captures the essence of the fleeting sunlight with its Scandi sleekness.

Meanwhile, situating something as timeless as the Hendrix TV Unit below a wall-mounted TV transforms it into a functional piece of decor, ready to be dressed up or down.

An artful approach

There's no need for nails and hammers when your TV unit can act as a pedestal for your favourite artwork. By placing a framed piece on your unit, you create a visual focal point that's stylish and easily changeable. This approach is a godsend for those who love to personalise their space without the commitment of wallpaper or paint, and it's perfect for renters. There's no need to mark your walls when a TV unit like the Jensen TV Unit can serve as a display for your art pieces. Its woven paper cord doors enrich your space's texture— and it's a simple trick for styling your abode without making any permanent changes.

Play with heights and textures

To truly make your TV unit stand out, Jason suggests playing with a mix of objects of different heights, textures, and widths. A tall table lamp can offer light and elevation, while a vase with a wild foliage arrangement adds an organic touch. We love the Byron TV Unit with its Hamptons-inspired Louvre doors; it's super stylish and has space to arrange decorative items that catch the eye and tell a story about your interests and style.

Lift with literature

For treasured little items that might otherwise be lost in the display, consider using a stack of artfully placed books as pedestals. This creates height, draws the eye, and invites guests to explore your collection, perhaps sparking a conversation over a shared interest.

The balancing act

Symmetry can bring calm and order to a space. Pairing items on either side of the TV unit can create a balanced and harmonious look. This doesn't mean everything has to be the same; similar items of different sizes or a thematic link between objects can achieve an ordered and dynamic look.

Flanking the Ollie TV Unit with paired accents achieves this tranquil equilibrium. Its mid-century silhouette and oak wood grain create a warm, balanced focal point.

The TV unit holds the potential to be much more than its name suggests. With Jason's expert tips, it's ready to step into the limelight, acting as a storage solution and a statement of your home's style. Remember, it's the thoughtful little details that can turn the everyday into something extraordinary.

When you're ready to find your perfect piece, be sure to check out our latest collection here.