Top Tips For Small Home Living

With compact living on the rise, never has maximising small spaces been so relevant. Whether your square footage is by circumstance or by choice, we tell you how to best make the most of your small home living.

Use mirrors and gallery walls

It might seem counterintuitive, but you can create the illusion of space by filling it up. Use both mirrors and artwork to create a gallery wall. Start as low as possible and work your way up - by utilising entire walls, it alludes to more space than there actually is.

Not sure where to start? Choose a mirror as the central focus, we love this Copper Rounded Mirror, then work the rest in around it. A good mirror will do two things for a small room; it will reflect natural light and the light from lamps and it will create the illusion of a wider, deeper space.

Make use of lighting

A small room with poor lighting can start to feel claustrophobic so If you want your home to feel bigger, make use of natural light whenever possible. That can be as simple as throwing open the curtains or the blinds as much as you can to allow your rooms to be lit with real light. If this isn’t possible, use floor and table lamps around the room to bounce light off the walls and give the room breadth.

Choose multifunctional products

At the heart of Lounge Lover’s designs is our customer, their every day use of products and finding the perfect balance of practicality versus design aesthetic. This approach has seen our inhouse team design many chic and stylish multifunctional pieces, including sofa beds, ottomans and extendable dining tables.

The key to maximising space is not to overcrowd it. Multifunctional products – for example an ottoman that can be transformed into a bed or used as a coffee table – are the perfect choice for smaller living. It’s about being smarter with your space. Sofa beds are great choices for one-bedroom apartments as they can cater to overnight guests or visiting family with ease.

Give your space personality

Keeping your overall colour palette neutral will help to create the feeling of space, however a pop of colour will give your home personality – and that’s really what it’s all about.

“A colour can give particular products its own personality,” says Jeannett Bessmann, Lounge Lovers Inhouse Designer. “I love using colour to bring a bit of character to my pieces and when used in the right way, can really open up a living space”.

Whether it’s a piece of art, a throw or cushions or a statement sofa like the Hugo in Tan, Hendrix in Diego Lavender or the Harriett , don’t be afraid to bring some life to your room with a touch of colour.

And, in the bedroom?

A bedroom should be a calm, relaxing space, where nothing is too disturbing to the eye. Keep it simple and uncluttered – a tallboy over a dresser will lead the eye from floor to ceiling to visually make the room feel bigger and uncomplicated side tables will keep your room streamlined without being fussy.

If your bedroom is particularly small, skip the bedframe and get a base with legs. “You can then use big pillows to replicate a headboard, and you don’t lose any precious floorspace”, says Bessmann.

“However, if space allows for it, I love the simplicity of this Scandinavian inspired bed”.