Lounge Lovers - New Styles: Slow Living

Embrace a holistic approach to living with this interior design style. From the lounge to the dining table and beyond, the Slow Living look appreciates the simple things in life and celebrates the luxury of time.

Pure, clean and balanced, this timeless aesthetic is deliberate in approach and refined in execution. Slow Living embraces the best of Japanese woodwork and simplicity with Hygge, a Danish concept that encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being.

Natural beauty: Discover the Slow Living moodboard

Lounge Lovers - Style: Slow Living Moodboard

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What’s important in the Slow Living style

Contrived humility and curated collections are pinnacles of this interior design look. Handcrafted items and honest materials sourced from artisans flourish in slow living spaces, allowing guests to truly take in every item, pore over design details and spend time appreciating the tiniest of touches.

Unmistakable and striking hallmarks of Slow Living include a penchant for simplicity over decoration, as well as a clean and minimal yet warm and cosy atmosphere that seamlessly flows from one room to the next.

The Slow Living Colour Palette

When we’re in the natural world, we enjoy a slower pace of life — and Slow Living seeks to replicate this feeling in the home. Forest greens and sandy hues can be found in abundance in this style, breathing life into any space and invigorating it with the feeling of nature.

Lounge Lovers - Styles: Slow Living Colour Palette

Key accents and materials

From linens to plywoods, burnt black wood and sheepskin to spun bamboo, Slow Living heralds materials that originate from the world around us. The Slow Living look is grounded in timber, but finds a hint of flair with stones and metals melded from the elements.

4 ways to achieve the look in your home

1. Work with white and wood

Lounge Lovers - Styles: Slow Living

Slow living is about appreciating the simpler things in life — and that simplicity begins with the base. Start with a collection of subdued, light and airy hues ranging from white to beige, grey, and back again. Once you have selected the base shades, layer upon them with statement wood pieces: think timber sideboards, aged wood tables, and more.

2. Play with midnight metals

Lounge Lovers - Style: Slow Living

Hints of industrial mid-century design, such as spindles, black accents and shaker shapes all find a comfortable home in this style. These dark accents complement the soft wooden tones and subdued colour palette to create a striking space that’s just the mix of the natural and manmade.

Pair the Ark Black Ash Dining Chair with a stunning timber dining table, or make a statement with the Dakota U Dining Table, which combines the softer form of a solid wooden tabletop with angular powder coated black metal legs.

3. Bring the seasons into your home

Lounge Lovers - Style: Slow Living

Like the seasons, the Slow Living style evolves in response to the ebbs of time. Seasonal accents connect the inside of your home with the world surrounding it — creating a quintessentially ‘Hygge’ space that’s cosy in the colder months, brimming with life in the warmer months, and that ultimately celebrates the transient beauty of nature.

The key is to stick with the same white, black and beige base, and work in key accessories or linens to bring in a seasonal touch. Hints of amber and mustard align perfectly with the changing of the leaves in autumn, while vibrant splashes of green inject a dash of spring into the home.

4. Place the focus on artisanal craftsmanship

Lounge Lovers - Style: Slow Living

The Slow Living style is about quality, not quantity. Opt for furniture items in the home that are crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind to your home — such as a solid wood dining table that gathers unique markings over time, or a leather Cuba armchair that acquires a vintage patina.

Accessorise these larger pieces with artisanal handmade ceramics and glassware, then add touches of colour and interest with plants and books to finish off the space.

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