Four Easy Ways to Style Up Your Living Room

Stationery queen Beck Wadworth from An Organised Life knows a thing or two about organisation, so we were thrilled to see that this also extended to her home. Beck tells us four easy ways to style up your living room.


When you have a really small space your furniture becomes 'the base' ofthe whole room. And from there you build it up one piece at a time. I have always wanted a fresh ivory couch that boasted both style & function, and I finally found one from Lounge Lovers. Changing my couch from grey to ivory has lifted the space instantly and allowed the room to feel more spacious & refreshing. And it's a piece worth investing in - considering the amount of time most people spend in their living rooms!


Changing up your artwork can instantly dress up your living room and it's also a more affordable aspect to change more frequently!

I recently purchased a large Dina Broadhurst print that can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall! I love adding newness through prints & always go for a mix of typography & photographs (with my graphic design background).

TIP: If you're renting an apartment and are worried that you cannot fix frames onto the walls - invest in some 3M hooks - these are absolute life savers when it comes to protecting your walls.


Once you have your new 'base' furniture in place you can really start to dress up the space with prints & textures. I invested in a beautiful sheepskin throw from Wilson & Dorset in NZ that hugs my new couch perfectly but is also able to be placed as a rug or throw on my chairs. It's something that will never date & ill keep forever moving it from room to room, space to space! I also purchased a new rug. I'm not going to lie, I was obsessed with the Moroccan style rug that everyone seems to have, but decided to go for a mottled monochrome rug that has more textured and lifted my living room area a bit more. Take your time and don't rush your purchases! Less is more.

Photography by Hannah Roche