About Us


We started up Lounge Lovers with a simple wish – to provide the best designed and best value sofas, sofa beds and lounge furniture in Australia. We also set out to make sure we have the happiest customers, and other than having some fun on the way, that’s what we spend every day trying to achieve.

Why Our Customers Choose Us
We don’t have big flashy stores, glossy brochures and expensive advertising campaigns, we don’t pay for models to sit on our sofas and sofa beds.....and we don’t charge you for it either. We focus all of our attention on the one thing we love – your couch sofa.

Our Sofas & Sofa Beds

Choosing a fabric is often the toughest part of buying a new sofa. There are countless different types of fabric yarns and weaves, before we even get into colours. Our designers have cut out a lot of the hard work and chosen the fabrics and colours we feel are the best for each of our sofas and sofa beds. The fabrics have been selected for their texture and finish as well as durability and stain resistance, so they can handle pretty much anything you - or the kids - can throw at it.


Our aim is to make our cushions the comfiest in the market. Comfort is a very personal thing. Some like their sofas and sofa beds firm with sharp modern lines, whilst others prefer super soft comfort with softer edges. We use different fillings in each of our sofas to create the desired feel.

Feathers give that luxurious soft sink in feeling and form to your body. They do require greater maintenance and should be fluffed daily.

Foam cushions on the other hand give a bouncy feel and are much better at maintaining their shape.


Most of our sofas have a foam core with feather wrapping to give you the best of both worlds - the hallmark of a quality sofa. We change the density of the foam and the level of feathers used to get the cushion just right for each sofa available for sale.

We think we are pretty much spot on, but if you would prefer softer or firmer cushions for a specific range, just let us know and we will custom make your cushions for you.

To make sure our sofas and sofa beds last, we make our frames by hand, with quality sustainable wood. We bind our joints with screws, solid glue and corner blocks for additional strength. All our sofas are built with robust internal zig-zag springs to give superior support and comfort. We know they last and that’s why we think you'll find a bargain with any sofa on sale.


Our sofas and sofa beds are all handmade by experienced furniture craftspeople. Their solid frames and high quality durable fabrics ensure you get the best product available.


With none of the overheads of a high street furniture store - you win. We can offer you sofas and sofa beds at a fraction of the price of the big retail stores.


We now deliver all our sofas and sofa beds in Sydney and Australia wide. We aim to hold all of our standard sofas in stock so you can expect delivery within just 2-3 days.


If you're not 100% happy with your sofa or sofa bed, we will happily accept your return and do our best to be big about it. Just pick up the phone or email us.