Pet friendly sofa buying guide

Aussies absolutely adore our four-legged friends. According to Animal Medicines Australia, nearly two-thirds (61%) of Australian households have a pet, and 90% of us have had a pet at some point in our lives.

While some have a steely will and refuse to let our pets on the couch, the majority of us can’t resist snuggling up with our felines or pooches while watching Netflix. However, pets are also notorious for shedding hair, tracking dirt, or getting their claws into the fabric of our favourite pieces of furniture.

Here’s some good news: you don’t have the compromise style for your pet. With a little bit of forward planning and consideration, you can find a sofa that looks great and will last for years to come, even with a furry companion.

So how do you pick a pet-friendly sofa that pets and hoo-mans will love? In this blog, we look at the key considerations you need to weigh up when choosing a pet-friendly couch for your home.

Choose your material wisely

Picking a pet-friendly sofa starts with the materials. There are some textures and textiles that are more forgiving of scratches or stains, while others are not as generous.

Here are three questions you need to ask yourself when looking at the type of material you want for your sofa:

Is it scratch-resistant? Even with regular trimming and clipping, a pet’s nails can get caught in certain fabrics or scratch others. Loose-weave fabrics, such as tweed and corduroy, can snag on claws and gradually unravel over time.

Is it stain-resistant? Despite your best training efforts, your pets are likely going to leave stains on your couch as time goes on. It might be a cat that loves hunting outside and returns with dirty paws, or a dog that drools over your couch when it gets hot. If you want to let your pet on the couch, choose a fabric that you can wipe down or clean regularly.

Can you easily remove pet hair? Most pets shed at least a little bit of hair, while others shed a lot (we’re looking at you, huskies). If your pet is prone to shedding, it’s important to opt for a material that doesn’t hold on to animal hair or is easy to clean.

The four best materials for a pet-friendly couch

Although it depends on personal preference, the best couch material for dogs and cats are hardy fabrics that can withstand the daily demands of owning a pet. These four materials are the best picks thanks to their durability and ease of maintenance with pets in tow:


Great news for all contemporary coastal decor enthusiasts: linen is incredibly pet-friendly. Although linens require a bit more upkeep than their velvet or leather counterparts when you have a pet, they’re still a great option for a pet-friendly sofa.

The best part about linen sofas is that many options, like the Bronte, come with removable and replaceable covers, which makes it easier to maintain your couch’s good looks for years to come.

Image courtesy of Instagram via @the_beachflat


At the top of the list, we have leather. Leather sofas such as the Nadia 3 Seat Sofa rank amongst the best when it comes to pet-friendly furniture materials because they have no weave or pile for animals to pull on. Genuine leather is also insanely strong and durable, which means it’s more resistant to scratches and bites than other materials. 

Here’s a bonus: leather is super easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with dedicated leather care products, and your sofa will be looking brand new before you know it!

Image courtesy of Instagram @thesonnysidepup_


Luxurious and opulent, velvet is probably the last material that you’d think of for a pet-friendly couch. Truth is, this lavish fabric is also pet-friendly thanks to its short and dense pile, which won’t get caught in your pet’s claws. You won’t be spending hours vacuuming up pet fur from your velvet sofa (such as the Draper 3 Seat Sofa) either—velvet doesn’t have a weave, so any hairs will come off easily from the surface.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture such as our Newport Corner Sofa isn’t just for the yard! Outdoor settings are the ideal pet-friendly option if you want something that’s low maintenance and that looks great in the home. 

Consider this: outdoor furniture is made of materials such as metal, teak and rattan, all of which are built to withstand the elements — meaning your pet’s antics are the least of its concerns. The beauty of outdoor furnishings is that they often come with removable cushions made of durable materials, so they’re easy to clean or put away. 


Size up your couch 

Another often overlooked consideration when looking for a pet-friendly sofa is height. Our four-legged friends have shorter limbs than we do, so try to find a couch that’s easy for them to get up on and down from to save their joints. 

If you do choose a higher couch, it’s worth getting a ramp to make it easier for your cat or dog to come and go with ease.

Don’t forget about the shape of your sofa either. Larger dogs, such as labradors or golden retrievers, may benefit from a chaise lounge such as the Stella for extra room to snooze and cuddle.

Minimise maintenance with colours 

It’s not just about the materials! Unless you want to be cleaning day in and day out, we’d recommend choosing a sofa or armchair that’s a similar shade to your pet, such as the Draper Leather Sofa or Lucy Armchair. This way, it won’t be as obvious when their fur inevitably sheds on the sofa.

Dark fabrics like grey and tan work a treat because they naturally conceal wear and tear, particularly if you opt for a less pet-friendly couch material. Alternatively, leathers, patterned or textured fabrics also work well to hide any mess or stains that emerge over time.

Image courtesy of Instagram: Left - @c.aitlyn.w | Right - @oliverpurdie 

Remove the fuss of cleaning with removable covers

There’s no way around it: pets are messy! That’s one of the joys of having a furry companion in the home, but it also means regular cleaning and upkeep. 

Enter removable covers.

Sofas with removable covers such as the Haven 3 Seat Sofa make cleaning a breeze: all you need to do is unzip the covers, take them to a professional cleaner, then zip them back up. And in the worst-case scenario, you can replace your covers as well for a sofa that looks as good as new.

Want to invest in a sofa that’s comfy for you and your pet? Browse our sofa range here