Eco-Friendly Furniture for a Stylish and Conscious Home

Beautiful and sustainable, Eco-friendly furniture has once again begun to appear in and around our homes, enabling a spark of interior design trends across the nation.

Knowing you can now confidently purchase new eco-friendly furnishing pieces; you can do so with a clear conscience and without compromising on style.

From 100% linen sofas, to solid and sustainably sourced timber, natural handcrafted rattan pieces and jute rugs. We want to focus today on our eco-friendly Tara Rattan range which is kind on the environment, stylish and all at a price you will love.

The TARA Rattan Range
 The limited and exclusive Tara Rattan Range can only be found at Lounge Lovers, both online and in-store. Made from sustainable oak, oak veneer and natural handwoven rattan, the range is a unique and timeless style that is bound to lift your home this season.

Eco-Friendly Rattan Furniture

So, what is Rattan and how is it used in furniture? Rattan is a palm-like vine, with its outer bark or ‘cane’ then cut into strips of different widths before being weaved into a number of home, furniture and lifestyle products. The softer, inner pith or ‘reed’ is also extracted and used in a number of different ways, across a range of styled products as well.

Whilst researching, or out shopping for rattan-based furniture, you may have come across the term ‘Wicker’, which refers to a particular furniture weaving technique. Wicker furniture can be made using a range of different materials including rattan, straw, bamboo or synthetic materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture, creating a beautifully rustic furnishing finish.

Styling the Lounge Lovers TARA range in your home

Contemporary interior design, as we know, often favours natural and eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, wool, linen, timber, bamboo and woven materials. So, it’s only expected that it was a matter of time before rattan made a comeback in the interior design space.

Eco-Friendly Pieces in the Living Room

This season, Eco-Friendly Rattan furniture has been given a fresh new twist, by incorporating the style into more statement-based pieces, such as TV Cabinets, Cupboards and Sideboards. In addition to trinket-focused trays, mirrors and baskets.

The biggest question you may have is, what is the secret to doing the ‘new’ rattan in your home? Well, it’s simply to choose a couple of key pieces to mix with your home décor basics, such as the Tara TV Unit, Tara sideboard or the Tara cabinet.

Whether it’s filling in a blank space or is hosted as the main centerpiece, styling the Tara TV unit or Tara Rattan Sideboard will tie together your living room, creating a coastal, warm and eco-friendly vibe. Pair with the Bronte 100% pure linen sofa to create a homely and calm space for you, your family and friends.

Styling Rustic Rattan in the Bedrooms

We all know that colour significantly influences the ‘mood’ of a space, so switch to an earthy colour palette to create a natural interior space for the perfect rustic, laid-back vibes.

Adding colour to your home doesn’t have to involve painting. Go earthy with ease and work in an easy way with throw cushions, artworks and lampshades that boost an array of natural tones and colours.

Style the Lounge Lovers TARA Cabinet or TARA Sideboard with some terracotta pots and sculptures. There are plenty of small, budget-friendly options to embrace this trend, really showcasing and bringing your rustic side to life.

Tying in the Blank Spaces 

Nothing screams 'earthy' more than lush greenery. Our advice? Bring a touch of exotic, indoors, by styling plants on top of the Lounge Lovers Tara Range. Perfect for indoor spaces and blank walls, plants are a great way to enjoy fresh greenery in the comfort of your own home. Simply set aside a well-lit, north-facing wall, position an eco-friendly piece from the TARA range, then mix and match a few eco-friendly décor pieces and plants.

Discover more on our Eco-Friendly Range and pre-order our exclusive Tara Range today!

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