The summer trend we can’t get enough of

While perfectly suited to summer, Modern Coastal is a timeless interior trend that can be integrated into a range of homes and styles. Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the Australian coastline with soothing colour palettes, organic textures, open and airy spaces, it’s an easy trend to just touch on, or to commit to.

At Lounge Lovers, we have a range of stylish, quality, sustainable products that match this style – from textured, natural neutrals to earthy, bright and light statement pieces, Modern Coastal takes the best bits from seaside coastal, surf shacks, Hamptons, nautical and rattan schemes, and means you can create your very own unique coastal-inspired haven that will leave you feeling relaxed, sun-kissed and salty.

Achieving this look is simple, here we share a few key tips to get you started.

1. Stick to a simple colour palette

Modern Coastal Loungeroom

White, beige and creams should be your starting point and you can build on it from there. Think less is more but if you like accent colours to break up the monochrome, think ocean-inspired tones like muddy greens and muted blues or go for a natural contrast with mustard, yellow and chocolate brown.

2. Opt for natural fibres and materials

Modern Coastal Dining Room

Look for products made from natural materials such as our Bronte Dining and Living Range - sturdy, high quality, untreated American Oak that reflects the natural environment, but don’t be afraid to mix textures and fabrics – nature is a combination of water, land, sand and dirt after all. We love a linen-style sofa like our Hampton paired back with a texture jute rug for an inviting look and feel.

3. Invite the outdoors in

Modern Coastal Loungeroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of natural light and indoor / outdoor flow, then you’re already nailing the Modern Coastal look. However, if like some of us you’re still renting, recreate a light and bright feel by using sheer curtains and bring the outdoor in with your favourite native Australian flowers for the dining and coffee tables.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Modern Coastal Dining Room

Modern Coastal is a contemporary take on more beach-inspired trends of the past so break up the wood with contrasting surfaces and shapes. We love natural wood and textures paired with marble, like our Bronte Marble Dining Table and polished concrete flooring to modernise the space.

5. The little things do matter

Modern Coastal Loungeroom

Adding coastal accessories and décor is a simple yet efficient way to bring Modern Coastal to life. However, use them sparingly – you want to keep it chic not beachy – a beautiful piece of art, a surfboard, coral-shaped ceramics or vases are enough on their own.

Loving the Modern Coastal trend? Recreate this designer look with our selection of favorite Modern Coastal pieces.