The Stylish Australian Furniture Brand Influencers Are Shopping Like Crazy

We regularly talk about the latest interior accessory that we refuse to live without. But if there's one staple item that goes oft-overlooked it's the humble sofa. Sure, a marble tray, signature scent and luxury throw all play a vital role in shaping the aesthetic of your home, but without a comfortable and versatile couch, your living room never feels quite right—after all, what is better than lounging on the couch with your favourite glass of Pinot Noir? In fact, on our Instagram travels as of late there's been one brand that we've been seeing constantly appear in the feeds of some of our favourite and equally stylish influencers: Lounge Lovers. Everyone from Beck Wadworth, Eleanor Pendleton, Andi Csinger, and Erin Maxwell all adding the local brand to their homes.

What's also impressive is how much the brand has expanded not just in the homes of influencers, but also into interior appreciators. On our secret Facebook group a few days ago when a member asked for an affordable, chic couch option to invest in, Lounge Lovers was the overwhelming winner. And upon further inspection, the brand also creates other trendy furniture from woven coffee tables to mid-century inspired sideboards. Scroll on to see how these influencers have styled their homes, and shop some of our favourite couches below. 

Shop this marble coffee table

Shop this sofa's range

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