Space saving balcony furniture for stylish apartment living

No matter the size, an outdoor living space is an essential part of the Australian home. It’s a place to relax with a good book, eat a home cooked meal or enjoy an evening of entertaining family and friends.  With the increase in apartment style living, the demand for compact yet comfortable outdoor furniture has also risen. People are now searching for stylish balcony furniture that maximizes space, while also providing the latest in comfort and contemporary design.

Creating your ideal outdoor living space

When creating your new-look balcony or small patio area, there are three fundamentals of design you should consider:      

1. Size
Size is a significant factor when choosing the right balcony furniture for your outdoor area. Overcrowding is the enemy of good design, so it’s important to pick pieces that fit your space without dominating the entire outdoor environment. A selection of well placed, proportional seating will be far more complementary to the overall look of your living space and certainly much more inviting.   

2. Functionality
Balconies and small patios are often multifunctional areas for apartment dwellers. As such, it’s imperative that the outdoor furniture you select is versatile enough to accommodate changes to the space. Laundry day often comes around quicker than we expect, so having an outdoor table and chairs that can be folded away or easily relocated can be a real advantage when dealing with limited space. 

3. Durability
Weather, dirt, food and other nasties are often an issue when it comes to balcony furniture. Improve the look and longevity of your outdoor table and chairs by purchasing quality designed products that can be easily cleaned. Keeping your outdoor furniture fresh will add years to the life of your outdoor setting, while also saving you money on expensive replacement pieces in the future. With the right furniture placement and design, an outdoor area can become an extension of your indoor living space. A functional, social and relaxing area for everyone to enjoy.


Introducing the elements

Like any living area, the ability to sit and relax in a comfortable chair is paramount. Introducing a modular outdoor sofa to your balcony or patio adds some much-needed comfort, while also giving you the flexibility to shape it to the available space. When more space is required, a modular outdoor lounge suite can be rearranged to accommodate other tasks and activities. The Lounge lovers four-piece modular sofa is an excellent option for those with a limited outdoor area. Made from powder coated steel with high density foam cushions, it comes in a garden-style green that assists in bringing that beautiful outdoors in. 

Create a homely social hub for many afternoons of entertaining. Adding an outdoor table to your modular lounge suite is an effective way to bring people together in one area. Being careful not to overwhelm the space, choose an outdoor coffee table in a complementary style and colour to unify your environment. Available in dark grey, the Lounge Lovers low line outdoor coffee table is the perfect accompaniment to any modular outdoor lounge setting. Made from high quality powder coated steel, it’s extremely durable and most importantly - easy to keep clean!

                                               Terrace outdoor 4-piece modular sofa, coffee table and side table

If lounging under the stars is a treat, dining under them is an experience unto itself. Why not add a touch of magic to your outdoor oasis with some colourful outdoor dining furniture? Keeping functionality in mind, opt for an outdoor dining table and chairs you can fold away if more space is needed. The Capri dining set from Lounge Lovers is a great value, versatile option available in three fun colours. Its clever design allows for simple storage and can be easily matched to any existing balcony or patio furniture.

                                               Capri yellow 3-piece dining set

Combining functionality with affordable style is easy when you know what to look for. The new Lounge Lovers balcony furniture range has been specifically designed to cater to stylish city living, making the most of any small outdoor space.


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