Modern Coastal: #bonniesdreamhome

Three Birds Renovations, in case you are unfamiliar, is a boutique renovation company created by three best friends. Swapping the boardroom for the building site in pursuit of a more fulfilling life, the stylish and savvy trio have since worked across eight projects, of which Lounge Lovers was thrilled to be included in their most recent, #bonniesdreamhome. We sat down with Three Birds Renovations Design Director, and homeowner of this particular project, Bonnie Hindmarsh to find out a little more about her inspiration and why she chose the Lounge Lovers products that she did.

- What was the inspiration for your living room?
I wanted to create a space that was quite formal in layout but relaxed in furniture choices. The White Linen Bronte 3 Seat Sofa was perfect in creating this look.

- Why did the Bronte Sofa Range suit this style so much?
I think the fact that it has a coastal relaxed feel. The white linen covers were a natural choice as it gives that really fresh vibe. I also think the ability to be able to have the Love Seats positioned quite formally facing each other was the winner.

- You have four young kids, was the fact that the Bronte has washable and removable covers a selling point for you?
Ahhh yes the biggest! And they're amazing... so easy to clean! I can’t rave about them enough! I literally dropped capsicum dip on them, red oil everywhere and it just washed out!!!!! In love! The washable covers are soooooo practical.

- What are the three key things to consider when redecorating (or renovating) a living room?
Natural light is key in renovating, the more the better. White paint can change your life and take a living room from dingy to AMAZING. Washable lounge covers are absolutely essential if kids and pets are involved.

To view the entire house reveal, head to Three Birds Renovations and to shop the look, see details below or visit our website.

Bronte 3 Seat White Linen Sofa 
Bronte White Line Love Seat

Bronte Brushed Coffee Table