Lounge Lovers X 3 Birds Collab: Dirty Blush Crush

Hands up who doesn’t follow the cool and clever ladies from 3 Birds Renovations?
We thought so... just like you we’re obsessed with their genius ‘reno’ and inspiring creative transformations - Hello, Bonnie's Dream house? #nextlevel
Recently the talented trio turned their hands to redesigning their office HQ, and we are more than thrilled they selected pieces from Lounge Lovers to style in their beautiful new space.

Recently we sat down with Bonnie, Lana and Erin to pick their knowledgeable brains a little -
Pour yourself a cuppa and have a read.

Three Birds Renovations
Interview for Lounge Lovers

We love that you are so passionate about vision boards as the first step when renovating.
Can you give us some advice on how you go about creating your most effective vision boards, and bring them to life, like you do so well.

You know what’s different about the vision boards we create, as opposed to a traditional mood board? They capture how you want to FEEL in your home (the vibe), as well as how you want it to look (the aesthetics). Quite simply, it’s a visual summary of your goals.

You selected 2 of our Bronte Dining tables, to create a communal table - we thought this was clever, how did you decide on this style of table as a desk and what are the benefits of a communal desk in an office environment?
And why the Tate chair?

Our vision board told us to! ;) Well, that and the fact that we knew we wanted solid, natural furniture to anchor all the pink tones in the office. The Bronte tables do this perfectly, as well as being a great collaborative workspace. We sit (or often stand) around them, roll out some floor plans and unfurl fabric swatches. There’s plenty of room for six people to sit and a few more to perch.

We’ve got a mad crush on anything rattan so there was no going past the Tate chair. They’re super gorgeous and tuck away neatly under the Bronte table when they’re not in use to save precious floor space.

What are your top tips and key pieces to include when thinking about upgrading or designing your first office?

Our top tip is to always start with a vision board. Remember to include how you want to FEEL in your office as well as you want it to look. You’ll also need to consider the way you and your team like to work. In our office we wanted to include a lounge area in our open-plan space, for the times we all grab a coffee and hit the lounges and floor cushions for a creative brainstorming session. Our creative juices really flow best in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Knowing what the focal point of a room or space is going to be is really important. It can be a structural element, like a picture window, or it can be a piece of statement furniture or something else. In our office it’s the stunning bespoke painting by Jai Vasicek. To give it the full focus it deserves, we gave it a whole wall and framed it with gorgeous panelling. Defining your focal point is a great place to start.

What's new in the world of interiors and home renovations? What trends excite you in interior design for the cooler months ahead.

There are a few key trends we’ll see throughout this year that excite us:

Warm ochre, rust and dirty blush tones will feature, coming through in furniture, bed linen, homewares and artwork. These colours will be showcased best with a chalky, white backdrop and alongside raw, textured materials like timber, terrazzo and concrete.

Imperfect finishes will add character to homes (even brand-new builds) via rough rendered walls, uneven surfaces and even handmade ceramics - stylishly displayed on an open shelf in the kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, v-groove cabinetry will replace the shaker profile and integrated appliances will become more mainstream.

Overall, we will see a move away from harsh, modern angles towards the soft lines of rounded island benches, arched windows, doorways and curved-back furniture. Having said that, you won't see the return of the kidney-shaped pool (phew!) as rectangle pools (and their clean lines) will continue to rule the roost.

Finally. Our customers are huge fans of yours. We would love to know what's next for the Three Birds girls?

As well as our major reno projects we’re always busy working on our six-week online course, The Reno School. The content is continually evolving so that it’s up-to-date with our latest projects.
We love helping guide the thousands of students in our exclusive Reno School Facebook group through their own dream home renovations.

Thanks for your time ladies! As always you’re full of so many handy tips and fabulous intel. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the 3 Birds Teams.
Stay tuned!