Everything you need to know about the industrial style and how to achieve it

The industrial style grew in popularity when old factories and industrial spaces started to be converted into lofts and living spaces. Centred on weathered wood, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete, it first became truly popular in the late 2000s - and it’s still relevant today.

Modern industrial has opened its doors to softer elements. Smooth, organic forms, tactile fabrics and rich colours all add warmth to this evolving trend. And the beauty is, nowadays you can juxtapose the raw with the refined or the sleek with the vintage and still achieve the same end result. Today’s industrial focuses on bringing an edge to your space - which can be achieved by committing to it in full or simply alluding to it with finishes and details.

Find out how to achieve the industrial style in your home with our top tips.

1. Make it minimal

One of the reasons industrial design trends are so popular these days is because of the raw simplicity it evokes. For a home to look industrial, it needs to be free of bulky furniture, clutter and knick-knacks, making it a hit with those of us who prefer a clean and refined look in our homes.  Think clean lines and minimal detail like the Happy Sofa Bed.


2. Choose a statement piece

The industrial trend is ideal for smaller spaces and apartment living, thanks to its minimalist style. It requires little furniture and more floor space and shouldn’t be overcomplicated with styling or with ‘stuff’. Instead, choose one statement piece like our Linden Leather Sofa and keep everything else streamlined and simple.

3. Pair the unexpected

Industrial elements are often thought to be vintage or rustic but work seamlessly with more modern finishes. In your kitchen or dining room, for example, pendant lighting using Edison-style bulbs, mixing leather with metal finishes on cabinets or dining chairs, like our Riley, and the use of natural wood, like our Everest Ivory rug, would give your modern space an industrial twist.


4. Seek humble materials

The industrial style is a celebration of unassuming, raw and natural materials. Think metal for a retro look and opt for rougher, matte textures like our Trey Coffee Table (concrete and metal are famous when it comes to nailing this style), because industrial never about shine or shimmer. Value the natural imperfections of materials and textures, such as the raw timber finish with obvious knots as found in our Piper Coffee Table and steer clear of trying to achieve ‘perfection’. Industrial is all about revealing the raw, the natural and the unexpected.

5. Stick with cool colours

White, grey, black and tan are all must-haves when it comes to creating an industrial look; we love our Happy Sofa Bed as a stand out piece, but keep it from looking flat by varying the textures and finishes. A wooden dining table, like our Piper, paired with our Riley Dining Chairs in faux leather and black metal will instantly create an interesting and refined industrial look and feel.

6.  The final touches

Soften the look with textured home décor. The philosophy is always less is more but a throw, cushions or woolen rug can bring warmth to an industrial space – and the modern look is all about combining the heritage of the style with a more tactile approach. You can even bring a more feminine touch to the traditional moodiness of the industrial style with a soft and pretty print like our Fire Escape wall art

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