Elevate Your Space

When choosing the perfect sofa it’s easy to fall back on classic designs in neutral colour tones, because they’re timeless, easy to style and they’re safe, right? However, the traditional requisite sofa and one or two side chairs is not the only option and with the introduction of our all-new Pod Modular Range, elevating your space has never been easier.

Combining a classic design with a contemporary style, the Pods are designed for versatility and flexibility within your home or office. The updated offering of an old favourite combines a classic design with a contemporary style and sees the addition of vibrant jewel tones including plum, navy, rusty red and burnt apricot, as well as plush new textures giving the Pods are a more sophisticated and premium feel.

Due to the armless styling, these easy-to- move sofa modules can be placed together to create a custom-length sofa or kept apart for use as separate armchairs. Mix and match a few of your favourite colours or err on the safe side with several in the same shade. Ideal for office reception areas, TV rooms or living rooms, the pods are perfect for creating a space that suits your style. The easy-care Pods really do suit any environment due to the removable covers – making them ideal for a kid’s playroom or bedroom.

Best known for our affordable and innovative designer furniture, we aim to bring our customers the best in urban living, and our Pod Modular Range nails both functionality and style for the interior aficionado in all of us.

The modular range starts at $399 (per pod) and spans across a range of vibrant colour options that will bring your living area to life.