Colour me happy

Colour me happy: How to bring colour and character to your home
By Jeannett Bessmann.

Spring is the perfect time to introduce something new to your home – the change of season often prompts changes in the world around us, so why not make that change a little something in your personal space? Colour can transform your house like nothing else. It can set or enhance a mood and it’s not as complicated as you might think.

I personally love a bit of colour throughout my home so I love working with customers at Lounge Lovers to who want to try something new or to liven up their space. One of the biggest questions I am always asked is ‘How?’ So here, I talk you through a few simple ways to bring colour and character into your home.

Find a shade you love
Colour can convey mood, personality and emotion which makes it seem like a rather big decision. When we consider this, we often we get stuck overthinking it too much. My advice? Keep it simple; what do you love right now? Introducing colour is meant to be fun, so find a shade that you love and then you have your starting point.

Start small
You can start small – paint a half cut feature wall that compliments your existing furniture or update your curtains in your preferred hue. Invest in a large painting with accents of your favourite shade or bring in home décor pieces to test the waters.

Make a statement
Invest in a statement piece that the eye is immediately drawn to. It could be an ottoman, a rug or an armchair. Or if you’re feeling bold, it could be something like our Harriet Sofa in blue or green velvet or our brand new Macy Sofa. Our customers are loving the pops of colour in these sofas set amongst a classic shape and style.

Mix and match
Your home should be an extension of your personality so have fun with it! Mix and match a few different colours with something like our versatile Pod Set and create a one-of- a-kind space perfectly suited to you. Go with one statement colour paired back with more neutral shades or go bold with a few vibrant hues set together.

Tie it together
Don’t limit colour to just one room. You can have a statement piece in every room, creating a thread throughout your house. The use of colour could be big or small but it should always lead the eyes to it. Why not match your Macy with a vibrant rug under your dining table, or set the Stella Armchair in Sunday Blush in the corner of your bedroom? The recurring use of one shade will create harmony from room to room without feeling like overkill.