An introduction to velvet

It’s no secret that we’re fans of velvet here at Lounge Lovers so we were thrilled when one of our fave interior inspos Erin Maxwell of Love Shop Share told us she shared our sentiment.

Erin added our blue velvet ottoman to her otherwise monochrome space and you can read what she had to say about it below:

“The lust for velvet of a navy/ink or emerald has been strong over the past few months and as we have not enough space for our family the option of that ridiculously perfect couch is not one so I found a way to get me a piece of this amazing situation. The couch I am lusting after is here in bottle green and royal blue and if it fits in your space please get her on behalf of me. I do love an option and in this situation my other option made me excited when I opened the box and she fits in perfectly. The royal blue ottoman will give you a piece of velvet heaven in any of your rooms.

More and more I am up for navy and black coming together. Just as I do when I dress in monotone texture and fabrics are the key to breaking up the color or lack there of. The blue hue will be the hero in your monochrome life and compliment everything around her.”

We couldn’t agree more Erin!