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  1. Elevate Your Space

    Elevate Your Space

    When choosing the perfect sofa it’s easy to fall back on classic designs in neutral colour tones, because they’re timeless, easy to style and they’re safe, right? However, the traditional requisite sofa and one or two side chairs

  2. The sofa beds you need right now

    The sofa beds you need right now

    With the festive season right around the corner, there’s no better time to start planning for extra houseguests.

    While sofa beds often have a bad rap when it comes to style, we have worked tirelessly to design functional but stylish

  3. Colour me happy

    Colour me happy

    Colour me happy: How to bring colour and character to your home
    By Jeannett Bessmann.

    Spring is the perfect time to introduce something new to your home – the change of season often prompts changes in the world around us, so why not m

  4. An introduction to velvet

    An introduction to velvet

    It’s no secret that we’re fans of velvet here at Lounge Lovers so we were thrilled when one of our fave interior inspos Erin Maxwell of Love Shop Share told us she shared our sentiment.

    Erin added our blue velvet ottoman to her otherwise m

  5. Four Easy Ways to Style Up Your Living Room

    Four Easy Ways to Style Up Your Living Room

    Stationery queen Beck Wadworth from An Organised Life knows a thing or two about organisation, so we were thrilled to see that this also extended