Sofa Bed

Faux Leather - Black
Faux Leather
This soft faux leather is hardwearing and easily cleaned making it great for everyday use.
100% PVC
Sorry, we no longer sell this item.

Beckton Sofa Bed

A quick click, then clack and voila! You have yourself a sofa bed for those lovely unexpected visitors. Plus it looks great too!

W: 196cm
D: 93cm
H: 86cm
Bed length: 196cm
Bed width: 126cm
Covers: Fixed
Seat cushions: High Density Foam
Back cushions: High Density Foam
Softness: Firm

Sofa softness is as much an art as a science. We have spent hours on our backsides researching the perfect balance between soft and firm for our sofa designs
Feather filled softness or a little more support?
Below is what we think is right for this sofa design.