November, 2011


Removing a Red Wine Stain from your brand new (probably white) Sofa


Strangely this is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to removing stains. Perhaps because there's more red wine downed in these parts or perhaps because if we spill a drop of white on our friends sofa we might just get away with it not being noticed. Either way, there's no mistaking when a glass of red wine has gone over a white sofa.

Anyway when the proverbial shiraz hits the fan - we would suggest the following.


1. Blot the stain as quickly as you can to remove as much liquid as possible. Use clean, dry white paper towels.

2. If you have white wine available, pour it over the red wine stain.

3. If you can't bare to use your white wine in that manner, apply clean (cold) water.

4. Pour table salt over the stain until it is completely covered. Allow this to sit for a few minutes so it can absorb the liquid.

5. If the fabric is machine washable, apply a pre treatment of stain remover to the stained area as directed by the manufacturer of the product.

6. Ensure that you read any special instructions provided on the sofa fabric itself before washing. Sofa fabrics need to be treated according to their fabric code. Read about the different fabric codes here.

7. If you have removable covers then wash these in the washing machine as you normally would. Otherwise you can use a cloth and warm water with a very mild detergent if the Sofa fabric code allows. 

8. Rinse throroughly, blot with a dry towel and allow to air dry. With a bit of luck that stain will have disappeared.


Always test products for their color fastness on a hidden area of the sofa or other type of fabric. Always follow the fabric manufacturers directions for cleaning and consider having the article washed by a professional - contact your local professional dry cleaners, furniture or carpet cleaning service.


And remember, if all else fails check out a new sofas on sale here.